Ohvale Philippines

Xaverian Takes the Top Spot in the Ohvale Philippines Invitational Talent Cup

The 1st Ohvale Philippines Invitational Talent Cup race series has become a prominent platform for aspiring young riders, providing an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and pave their way towards the final round of the FIM MiniGP World Series in Valencia, Spain this November. Among the talented participants, Daniel Andrei Gamba of Grade 5-D emerged as a standout performer, securing first place in the Ohvale Kids category. 

With his exceptional riding abilities and determination, Daniel conquered the track, earning the prestigious first-place position. His unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for motorcycle racing shone brightly throughout the competition, making him a standout competitor among his peers.

The Xavier community extends our warmest congratulations to Daniel Andrei Gamba for his remarkable achievement. As Daniel embarks on his journey towards the final round of the FIM MiniGP World Series, we wish him continued success and look forward to witnessing his remarkable performances

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