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Ohvale is here: Experience the thrill of MotoGP

In 2019,while watching a race, businessman and motorcyle enthusiast Alvin Nazal’s attention was caught by small yet powerful motorcycle driven by a renowned rider.

He knew at that moment that he wanted to bring it to the Philippines. Upon checking out the bike, he fell in love with Ohvale, an Italian brand created by racing bike expert , Valerio Da Lio. fact that it’s built by an industry expert with an experience of over 30 years in the motorcycle world convinced Nazal to not waste any time in bringing the Ohvale brand to the Philippines.

After a couple of meetings with Ohvale in Italy, Nazal through his company Kidd Code Racing was awarded the exclusive distributorship of Ohvale in the Philippines. His big aspiration for the brand and bike afficionados came into completion when this magnificent MiniGP bikes finally arrived in 2020 in the country. Nazal wants to squeeze the throttle, make the experience itself more thrilling than ever, and bring riding to the next level. Of course, safety is a must for the rider, the riding community and the public.

“Most riders would like to be a racer or at least be like one, but most of them are still inexperienced and needs to be educated about the right motorcycle that will suit their needs,” he said.
Ohvale is a MiniGP bike with the attitude of a superbike that boasts of almost all of the technical know-how and design touches of a full-sized race bike, just smaller in form. Ohvales are built for tracks since it has no side mirrors, signal lights and even motor horn.

“These MiniGP bikes, with their purposeful, accessible and playful ergonomics, allow for the extreme riding style of a real racing bike while dramatically reducing the costs and transport inconveniences related to track riding. Every component has been carefully designed for this purpose, giving priority to refinement, robustness and riders´ feedback. The truly passionate motorcycle enthusiasts will fall in love on the careful construction and finishing touches of this bike.”

The OHVALE first came out with GP-0, the result of a careful industrialisation that blends with refined craftsmanship. To fulfil the OHVALE GP-0 dream, its maker, Da Lio, teamed up with many great people in the motorcycle industry known for their extraordinary abilities and highly technical experience. One in particular is engineer Mariano Fioravanzo. The worldwide reputation of this team represents the best guarantee of design excellence of this mini supersport bike.

It also boasts of Ohvale GP-2, equipped with a light but durable frame and slightly larger 12” wheels. It’s powered by the same 190cc, four-speed, four-stroke engine that came out in its introductory years but retaining an ample 20bhp or so to help the rider live out his MotoGP fantasies from childhood.

More importantly, for those who want to practice seriously or improve their riding skills, or race with great satisfaction in any circuit or track, Ohvale is the way to go. This Italian brand is considered the breeding ground of pro racers and champions.

“World champions are training with Ohvale; This bike is used by pro racers and champions like Valentino Rossi, Francesco Bagnaia, Marco Bezzecchi, Jack Miller and Marc Marquez to name a few. And now that it is available in the Philippines, professional riders and those who want to upgrade their skills can train with Ohvale,” Nazal said.

Ohvale, A Family Affair That Kids Love

The fact that it can only be used in tracks, Nazal stressed that these Ohvales could be the next big thing for kids who love to be in motor sports. This is another reason he is in love with Ohvale, knowing that kids can now really take pleasure in living their dream to ride a real motorbike.

“Obviously, motor bikes are now also gaining popularity among women and they welcome the idea of riding as a form of family bonding. With this growing trend, Ohvale can be the new toy of the family.”

“Ohvale is a safe MiniGP superbike which can be enjoyed by the whole family from the dad, mom up to the kids as young as eight years old while riding on tracks, a controlled environment where safety is always the no. 1 priority.”

“When we started selling Ohvale, I realized that parents are now more open to the idea that their kids are adventurous and willing to try new things. And to support our customers ,we have designed a program that will help and develop them to be the best and responsible rider.”

The Kidd Code Racing Way

Kidd Code Racing, as the exclusive distributor of Ohvale in the Philippines, is building a community of responsible and cultured riders especially that they have kids on their list of Ohvale riders. This is through various activities which are specially designed to hone the skills of a rider, and more importantly ,develop discipline, attitude, character as well as the right outlook. These are values of a good rider , one who takes high regard about safety and the safety of others be it on a race track or in public roads.

Through Ohvale Philippines Training Academy (OPTRA), which Nazal recently established, he will strongly push for the continuous education and training, of riders.

“Even professional riders must continue to train and update their skills and knowledge about everything that concerns motorcycles—and this is the key to a fun, adventurous but safe riding,” he explained.

And to give everybody a chance to have the right, systematic, and professional training for the riding community, especially kids who are passionate about riding or who want to have a career in competitive motorcycling, there is OPTRA, which is a good avenue to learn the ropes of motorcycle riding.

“In OPTRA, we have seasoned riders from our pool of trainers who can share their expertise, knowledge and wisdom to help you become the best riders.”

He added that even those who don’t own an Ohvale but would like to learn and train, can still join OPTRA. “We have several units in our academy that are for rent. This is a good opportunity for them learn and better their skills.”

He also pointed out that Kidd Code Racing’s number one desire for their Ohvale riders is to bring them together as one family, though there will be friendly competitions, it will always be a ‘family affair’ as they train and support each other to become the best riders.

The BIG Goal

To further introduce the public with Ohvale, Kidd Code Racing is organizing a series of MiniGP races starting this May until September of the year in hopes of fielding an entry for the country for the final round of MotoGP World Championship organized by Dorna in Valencia, Spain.

“I watched a number of MotoGP races and I have this dream of seeing the Philippine Flag being raised. I dream of sending our Pinoy representative. With our series of races and trainings for those who are devoted bring their dream to reality and become a champion of MotoGP, we are here to support and help you achieve that dream,” Nazal explained.

The Ohvale Philippines Talent Cup which will commence in May and end in September according to Nazal, is their first step to realize a big dream that he’s been wanting since he became a MotoGP enthusiast. Through these MiniGP races, Kidd Code Racing and OPTRA can gather riders from all over the country and eventually pick the best rider who can represent the country in the MotoGP world series in Valencia, Spain.

“The top two winners from the Ohvale Philippines Talent Cup MiniGP Series will be trained by OPTRA and eventually enlist him/her to the MotoGP world series,” Nazal expressed.

So all junior, enthusiast, or pro rider book a test ride now and experience the thrill of MotoGP on an Ohvale. Visit Ohvale Philippines Facebook page and Ohvale.ph for more inquiries and/or to check out and join OPTRA and the MiniGP races.

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