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Get Ready To Ride The Advance Mini-Bike From Ohvale

Ohvale is a company that produces mini-bikes designed specifically for racing and training purposes. These mini-bikes are smaller in size than standard motorcycles and are intended for riders of all ages, including children and teenagers. Ohvale’s mini-bikes are equipped with high-performance engines, advanced suspension systems, and racing tires, making them suitable for use on tracks and other closed-course environments. Ohvale has become a popular brand among amateur and professional riders, particularly in Europe and Asia, and is known for its high-quality, reliable, and affordable products.

Ohvale Philippines installed the Ohvale Media, INfluencer, and Owners Track Day to highlights Ohvale features in a safe closed-course circuit environment. Read on.

The Ohvale Philippines Media, Influencers, and Ohvale Owners Track Day provides an opportunity to test ride and review the company’s mini-bikes in a fun and memorable way

Ohvale is a company that produces mini-bikes designed specifically for racing and training purposes. This bike is designed and made in Italy. Made and produced for fun and competitive racing. 

Ohvale Philippines distributes the Ohvale mini-bikes locally and often used for training purposes with an advocacy to promote safety. They offer a range of services, including bike sales, track rental, and training programs.

Ohvale bikes comes in different popular models from 110 – 190cc that includes:

  • GP-0: This is Ohvale’s entry-level model, designed for riders of all skill levels. It features a lightweight frame, making it highly maneuverable and easy to handle.
  • GP-0 190: This is the Ohvale’s more powerful version of GP-0 that is designed for intermediate riders. 
  • GP-2: This model is designed for more experienced riders who want a more powerful and capable bike. It features a 190cc engine and a longer wheelbase for increased stability at high speeds.

Ohvale also offers a range of accessories and upgrades that can be used to customize and improve the performance of their bikes.

Ohvale Media Track Day, organized by Ohvale Philippines provides an opportunity for members of the media to test ride and review the company’s mini-bikes. Held at the Carmona Racing Circuit, this is a closed-course circuit designed to showcase the performance and capabilities of Ohvale’s products.

During the Ohvale Track Day, media personnel are given access to a range of Ohvale mini-bikes, including some of the company’s newest and most advanced models. Participants are typically given a safety briefing and instructions on how to operate the bikes, after which they are free to ride and test the bikes on the track. This activity led to one of the objectives that riders should be responsible for riding in a safe and responsible manner. And this is where riding courses come in.

OPTRA Training Academy, on the other hand, is a training institution that provides courses and programs related to motorcycle sport riding, safety, and emergency response. 

To conclude, Ohvale Track Day for Media, Influencers and Ohvale Owners appears to be a valuable event for both Ohvale Philippines and attendees. It provides an opportunity to showcase Ohvale products that will generate interest in the brand and the company’s mission to build future racers. Reaching out riders to be responsible riders and at the same time a fun family-bonding activity who loves riding.

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